Trouble with the App?

We’ve been baffled by the reports of the app stopping prematurely and people are left hanging.  It has been checked out over and over again and we’ve done everything we know to do.  As we have been praying about it, God has been sharing the bigger picture of the struggle.  I can get focused on the technical aspects of it, and yet God was showing that there is so much more.

Meditation was God’s idea!  Throughout Scripture you read about the benefits and blessings of those who meditate on God’s Word.  It is His method to help us renew our mind and think His thoughts.  But the principles have been stolen by the enemy and used by the new age community in powerful ways.  Because God’s ways work!  But it is time for it to be redeemed for God’s people!

Is the enemy going to let go without a fight?  No!  This is more than a tech issue.  There are some practical ideas we can help you with to get it functioning on your phone, but we want to be aware of the bigger picture and to invite you to contend with us for the restoration of meditation as a gift from God to bless and empower His people.

What You Can Do

  1. Pray! Together we can fight for God’s kingdom principles to be restored.
  2. Spread the word! Let your friends know how meditation has blessed you!
  3. Let us know of technical issues when they arise.

The battle belongs to the Lord, but we also have our part!  Let’s see daily meditation restored to the church as God intended!  We are in this together!  Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

Practical Tips

If you are experiencing the app logging you off prematurely, try the website:  You can bring this up in your browser on your phone and make it an icon so that it functions the same as the app, but goes through the website which works much smoother.  Sometimes the problem is a cache problem and clearing your cache will clear it up.

2 responses to “Trouble with the App?”

  1. David Rawls says:

    Thanks so much for fighting the good fight! Keep at it! We will do our part. Be blessed.

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