Take a Breath…

Did you see the movie “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation?”  In it, Ethan must dive deep underwater and hold his breath for an extended amount of time in order to save hundreds of lives.  They carefully calculate how much time he has to accomplish his mission, but then something goes wrong!

I watched as he slowly began to run out of breath.  Oh, how I wanted him to get some air as I saw him struggle.  I squirmed in my seat, fighting to help him get some oxygen.  As human beings, we instinctively know we have to have air to live.  It’s difficult to watch someone not able to breathe.

No one has to tell you to take your next breath.  It’s so automatic you rarely think about it unless something prevents you from getting it.  Yet it is one of the most vital functions of your body.  You can’t last very long without oxygen.  Every organ of your body is hungry for it.

We’ve gotten to where we breathe very shallowly, therefore depriving our bodies of much needed oxygen.  But we are used to it, and hardly notice.

There are many benefits to deep breathing, including losing weight!  That’s good news!


Deep breathing:

  1. Releases stress and tension in the body by relaxing constricted muscles.
  2. Brings mental clarity by relaxing the mind and body by reducing anxiety levels
  3. Reduces or relieves pain – that’s why it’s a big component of Lamaze!
  4. Detoxifies and releases toxins – 70% of toxins are removed by breathing! If you aren’t breathing deeply, toxins aren’t eliminated effectively.
  5. Strengthens your immune system, heart and lungs
  6. Increases energy levels and stamina as it distributes oxygen rich blood throughout your body.
  7. Helps in weight loss – extra oxygen burns up excess fat faster!
  8. Elevates mood – increases “feel good” hormones
  9. Aids in cell regeneration

So, take a deep breath!

Spending 8-10 minutes each day, breathing deeply, while you meditate, will begin to improve oxygen levels and build better breathing habits.  I know that when I am regularly meditating I feel better, inside and out!

In addition, adding the breath prayers, draws us closer into communion with God.  It’s a win-win!  If you haven’t already, take a few moments to breathe with Jesus!  Your body will thank you!  Go to: www.MeditateonMe.com

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