Do you Struggle to Get to Sleep and Stay that Way?

I’ve battled with sleep for many years.  You might be able to relate — the difficulty to fall asleep and/or frequent waking in the night.  In the process, I’ve tried many things.  Some worked, others didn’t.  One of the keys that I’ve found to help me sleep better is daily meditation.

It seems strange that meditation during the day would help you rest at night, but it’s true!  I’ve found that when I consistently meditate, I fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer!  When I get “too busy” and neglect to meditate, I soon find myself battling insomnia.

It is easy to believe that meditation is something for when we “have enough time.”  However, God’s Word is clear that we will prosper in all we do when we meditate regularly on His Word (Psalm 1).  Making this a priority will change your life – not just spiritually, but physically as well!

New Sleep Meditation Series!

I’m excited to announce the launch of our new series on sleep!  Not only will it help you build a healthy mindset to sleep better, but it includes helpful tips to pace your day and night.  If you struggle with insomnia or frequent wakings, this series is for you!  There can be many reasons you may battle sleep, from anxious thoughts, to diet or lighting, to Holy Spirit prompting you to pray.  Discerning and deciding to make some changes can profoundly impact your life.  This series will help you navigate these issues and find solutions that are right for you!

Your body is important to God because it is the “temple of the Holy Spirit” (1 Corinthians 6:19).  When we don’t sleep, it affects every part of our life.  We are grumpy, distracted and struggle to get anything done.   It’s no fun for us or those around us.  Take seriously your stewardship of your body temple and start meditating today!

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