Sounds that Heal

The response to adding the music to the meditations is fantastic!  But we wanted you to know that it is more than just a pleasant sound in the background.  Understanding musical frequencies might be new to you, but these are specifically tuned to what is known as the “Key of David.”  It is believed this is the same frequency that David used when he played his harp for Saul that calmed him (1 Samuel 16:23).  It is known for its healing properties for both soul and body.  There’s science as well as powerful testimonies from other Christians about this type of music that you can read more about at

Healing Frequencies

Because we can’t see frequencies, it seems like a foreign language to us.  However, everyday things like microwaves, radio, lasers, music and even the human voice operate in them.  Some frequencies can be harmful and some heal.  Tuning music to the right frequency has the God-given power to impact us emotionally, physically and spiritually!  That is why we’ve delayed adding the music until we knew we had something that would be more than just a pretty sound.

Our God is so amazing to have created light and sound with frequencies that heal and bless.  Our enemy tries to use these same things to harm and destroy.  Understanding who our God is and utilizing what He put in the world around us for our blessing is important.  The enemy can only counterfeit.

Full Benefit

We want you to experience the fullness that God has for you through these meditations.  As you engage with God, the music, tuned to the right frequency, provides an additional benefit in soothing stress, bringing healing to our emotions and connecting us in deeper ways with God.

(If you still want a meditation with silent pauses, choose the 8 minute option.  The 10 and 14 minutes meditations both have music.)

One response to “Sounds that Heal”

  1. Julieap says:

    Listened to the 1st meditation from Solomon 6:3 ” I am my Beloved’sv& He is mine”.! Wow, even me!
    Be-loved, Something that has always been difficult for me as I tend to focus on all my flaws & past sins, as well as the increasing revelation of what my heart really looks like?. But this is excellent for me & anyone else who struggles in these ways. Take my eyes off me….& Simply let myself “Be-loved” & love back.

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