Silence is Golden in Meditation

Sometimes, I’m asked why we don’t have background music to our meditations.  Eventually, we may have this as an option.  However, silence is key!

Times of quiet give you space to connect with God.  Other Christian meditations play beautiful music and read Scripture.  These are valuable because there is a blessing in hearing God’s Word and the music is soothing and relaxing.  However, the definition of meditations is that you ponder, chew on, and process the word until it becomes part of you.  Sometimes, the background music and the constant speaking can hinder your conversation with God.

Silence is Golden!

The silence might be uncomfortable at first, but the purpose is so that you can spend time processing and pondering with God, focusing on Him and His Word.  The guided prompts help you along the way, but are merely a framework for God’s Spirit to cooperate with you in the process of transformation. Therefore, silence is golden!

Meditation is not meant to be passive.  It is something you can do to actively engage with God, with your mind, bringing “every thought captive” to the mind of Christ.  You can pause the meditations if you need more quiet time to talk with God.  Some people like more silence and some less.  We’ve given you options to try different lengths of silence that will best help you connect with God.

Meditation, A Spiritual “Gym”

Meditation is a workout for your mind and spirit and isn’t meant to be passive.  It is true that we can get easily distracted in the silence.  However, we build up the focus “muscle” in our thinking process as we gently turn back to God as often as our thoughts wander.  Don’t be discouraged! Every time you meditate, you are training your brain!

Why not take some time now to meditate and experience God in powerful ways?

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  1. Teresa says:

    I agree, sometimes just finding true quiet time is very hard.

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