Multitasking Dangers Reversed Through Meditation



In our fast paced world, many of us have fallen into the trap of multitasking.  In order to be “more efficient,” we find ourselves answering email, checking phones, and doing a variety of tasks at once.  It might seem like we are getting more done.  However, brain research demonstrates the negative impact of multitasking in our lives.

Professor Clifford Nass of Stanford University states that, “The neural circuits devoted to scanning, skimming, and multitasking are expanding and strengthening, while those used for reading and thinking deeply, with sustained concentration, are weakening or eroding.”  This means the more we multitask, the less ability we have to focus.  This impacts our ability to think deeply.  What a trap of the enemy!  He wants us so distracted we can’t hear from God.

“Improving our ability to multitask actually hampers our ability to think deeply and creatively. . . the more you multitask . . . the less deliberative you become; the less you’re able to think and reason out a problem,” says Jordan Grafman of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke in the USA.

Meditation, on the other hand, strengthens our ability to concentrate.  It builds up those neural pathways designed for deep thinking and focus.  The more we meditate, the easier it becomes to have a rich thought life.  In addition, we can pay attention more readily.  Even our comprehension improves.  This is definitely a win-win!

Don’t wait!  Begin strengthening those neural pathways today as you meditate on God’s Word.

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