Got Pain? Meditate!

Do you experience chronic pain?  The good news is that meditation can help!  In a 10-week scientific study, the majority of patients reported a 33-50% reduction in their pain when they practiced mindful meditation (ref).  A shorter, 3-day study also showed noticeable improvement (ref).

My personal testimony is that when I regularly meditate, the chronic pain I’ve experienced for 30+ years is reduced. In addition, I find I am calmer and sleep better as well.  I also notice when I skip meditating for more than a day or two, symptoms return.  It’s worth it to keep the daily routine!

God knows us intimately, body, soul and spirit.  He created us and knows what is best for us.  His Word is true that when we meditate on Him, we will prosper in all we do (Psalm 1:2,3).

Mediate on Me provides an easy way to do this!  Included in each meditation is an opportunity for you to allow God’s healing power to touch you as you connect with Him.  Focusing on God diverts your minds from dwelling on how you might be feeling.  In addition, the deep breathing oxygenates your blood and gives you a feeling a well-being.  All of these combine to contribute to a healthier body, soul and spirit!

It’s worth the time and effort each day to meditate!  Make it a regular habit!  Put it on your calendar as a recurring event and enjoy the benefits to your body, soul and spirit!

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