How to Develop Consistency

We all know we need to be consistent and develop good habits, but incorporating them into our everyday life is another matter.  We value health, fitness, time with God, etc.  However, the key to a transformed life is taking those things that we value and prioritizing and owning them. This is the process of transformation!

Meditation is a powerful discipline, but only if you practice it.  We’ve tried to make it easier for you by our guided format that encourages you step by step.  Now your part is to set aside the time.  Again, easier said than done!  Here’s some ideas that will help you with consistency:

  1. Set an alarm. Use your mobile device to alert you to a certain time each day to meditate. Because of our busy lives it can be easy to skip important things for what seems urgent.  Resist the urge!
  2. Combine it with a routine you already practice. What habits do you do consistently that you can add your meditation time to?  This will help you become more consistent.  I don’t start my regular daily activities until I’ve gone for my morning prayer walk and done my meditation.  My morning routine is simple: Shower, eat, brush teeth, take vitamins, walk, meditate.  Keeping that routine helps start my day refreshed and calm.
  3. Get accountability. Find a friend who also wants to learn to meditate.  Track your meditation and keep one another accountable.  Engage in some friendly competition.  You both win!
  4. Finally, (and most importantly) ask God for strength.  He promises that meditating on His Word will unlock blessings in your life.  He can also give you the strength and willpower to do it!

Start today making meditating on God’s Word a regular habit! Go to:

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