Developing a Lifestyle of Meditation

It’s no secret the power of meditation in our lives.  God clearly states that when you meditate on His Word, you will “prosper and succeed in all that you do” (Joshua 1:8).  We know this, but putting it into practice is harder.  How do we make meditation a lifestyle?

A few years ago, I read the book “Emotionally Healthy Leadership” by Peter Scazzero (Which I highly recommend!).  There was a graph in it which rocked my world (see below).  It brought into clarity how we so often value many things that never become part of our lifestyle.  We become consumed with knowledge that “tickles the ears” but does nothing to transform our lives.  I believe this is one of the enemy’s greatest distraction techniques to keep us from the best God has for us.

Not “Magic”

I so want the transformation of spirit, soul and body that is promised in God’s Word.  But I must both desire it and choose to own it by giving time and space for the grace of God to work it out in my life.  God works in and through partnership with us, not as a magician to magically do something.   If I am waiting for an “instant fix” it is not likely to happen. God is all about working in process with us through relationship.

Make it a Lifestyle

If I only value meditation, but don’t put it into practice or “own” it, it will never have the power in my life that God intended.  I want to make it a consistent part of my life, not just in a morning or evening session.  This means incorporating it into the spare moments of my day: driving, walking, waiting for someone or something, my mind is centered on God, listening and interacting with Him.

My prayer for you is that Meditate on Me is a springboard to a lifestyle of meditation.  Click here to get started!


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