Letting Scripture Come to Life

Do you sometimes get stuck in the details of Scripture?  Struggle with all the details that seem purposeless?  Do you desire more from the Bible?  Learn how to let Scripture come to life!

A couple of years ago, while reading through Exodus, I was getting bogged down in chapter 29.  Getting a little tired of all the dimensions for the sanctuary and the garments of the priest, I asked God to show me something fresh.  He immediately highlighted the consecration of the priests and the blood being put on their right ear, right thumb and right toe.

God began to speak about how He wants to consecrate our ears to hear clearly His voice and that His blood can cover our hearing so we don’t get mixed messages from the enemy.

“What about the right thumb?” I asked.  A picture of a fingerprint came to mind – how we determine identity!  His blood transforms our natural identity to Sons and Daughters of God!  Wow!  It’s all about the blood of Jesus!

As I continued to seek the Lord, He showed me that consecrating our “toe” represented walking out His will in every area of our lives.  Going where He calls us to go.  Doing what He reveals for us to do.

Go Beyond

I love how He can take seemingly mundane historical facts and breathe the freshness of His Spirit on His Word to reveal deep things to us!  Don’t settle for a casual reading of Scripture when you can have so much more.  God’s desire is for you to see, hear, feel and walk out His Word in new ways that bring life and energy.

“Apply” the blood to your “ear”, “thumb” and “toe” today!  Hear more clearly! Be established in Your true identity!  Go where He leads!

As you meditate on God’s Word, let the His Spirit breathe fresh life into you!

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