Rest or Stress – You Choose!

In a conversation with a friend this morning, she mentioned how rest and stress have the same letters, just in different order and with a few letters dropped.  This intrigued me.  We all long for rest, yet the reality much of the time is stress in the fast-paced lives we lead.

Are you feeling stressed today?  The decision we each have is how we are going to respond.  Stress will happen in our lives.  It is inevitable.  But we have a choice.  We can surrender the situations to the Lord and let Him re-arrange things and let a few things go, just like the letters in rest and stress, in a way that leads us in rest.

How does this work?  We usually think logically about our schedules or lives.  Sometimes it seems impossible to rest. However, when we let go and let God rearrange our schedule or circumstances, it is amazing what happens!  There have been times when I think the things I need to do are not humanly possible, but when I surrender to Him and choose peace, it is incredible how everything gets done or things get rearranged in such a way that it all works out.

What about dropping a few “letters”?  Did you notice to change stress to rest, you have to drop two “s’s”.  Think about some things God is asking you to “drop.”  I can think of several that start with “s” – striving, selfishness, sin, etc.

Take Action!

Why not take a few minutes right now and ask God what He wants you to let go of so that you can rest instead of being stressed.

If you haven’t tried it already, we have a whole series on stress relief at Meditate on Me.  Is your life as fast-paced as mine?  Then you need to take a few minutes and let God rearrange and drop some things from your life.  Experience the profound rest He longs to give you!

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