Prayer Reverses Damage from Negative Thoughts!

Did you know that prayer can actually reverse the damage in your brain caused by negative thinking?  Dr. Caroline Leaf, one of my favorite authors and speakers, shared in a recent blog that just 12 minutes a day of focused prayer, over an eight-week period, can impact the brain in measurable ways documented on brain scans.1  That’s good news for you and me!

Our brains process over 30,000 thoughts each day.  Too often, many or most of these are negative, filled with worry or “what-if’s.”  As a result, stress, anxiety, and depression take their toll on our lives.  Even many physical illnesses can be linked to toxic thoughts which literally damage our brain.

But There’s Hope! 

Paul says we are to bring “every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.” (2 Corinthians 10:5).  And to be “transformed by the renewing of our minds” (Romans 12:1). Prayer and meditation are effective ways to do this and we can see how science confirms Scripture!  When we pray, we are “renewing our mind” and reversing the negative brain damage caused by toxic thoughts.  Aren’t you glad God has provided all we need to think positive and live healthy, fulfilled lives.  All it takes is our cooperation to participate in these benefits.

Shifting our brain takes intention.  Do you want to improve your brain function?  Be more focused and experience clearer thoughts?  No, it’s not about taking some magic pill with quick, easy results.  Instead, you get to partner with your Father in heaven through prayer and meditation.  Most of all, day by day, you will be transformed, strengthened, and energized.

Take a few minutes right now.  Stop what you are doing and listen for His voice.  Focus your thoughts because God’s got some great things to say to you!  Oh, and it will heal your brain!

  1. Newberg, Andrew, and Mark Robert Waldman. How God changes your brain: Breakthrough findings from a leading neuroscientist. Ballantine Books, 2010, p. 26, 27.

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What is Your “First Thing?”

What do you do first thing in the morning?  Who do you turn to first thing when something goes wrong?  Where is the first place you find comfort?

We know the answer should be God.  However, often it is something else. The bowl of ice cream. Facebook. Your best friend.  The latest news.  Email.  What consumes your attention?

It is amazing that we so often turn to lesser things when the King of the universe, who has all wisdom, understanding and knowledge as well as being the source of love, desires to pour out all He is into us.  There is no lack or stinginess on His part.  He is the good, good Father.  And He wants so badly an intimate relationship with you and I.

Setting God first in our day is not about duty, earning “points with God,” or even obedience.  It is a place where our hearts are so ignited with His love that we want to spend our first moments with Him, turning to Him in moments of crisis for comfort and help.  Do you know this kind of love?  If not, there’s good news!  It is freely available!  Paradoxically, it is also costly.

Free, but Costly

How can that be?  Free, but costly?  It takes dying to my own desires, agenda and flesh SO THAT I can receive the fullness of His love.  When we are full of ourselves, we can’t receive the depths of the riches of His glorious love and grace.  Let go, to receive.

God asks us to seek Him first.  Not because He is egotistical or vain.  But because He knows what is best for us.  When we get beyond our personal needs or wants, and spend time with God, our perspective shifts.  We are set free in His love to live, grow and enjoy the life He intended for us.  He fills us with His love and we are satisfied.  Striving ceases.  Peace reigns. What are you seeking first?


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