Too Busy to Meditate?

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Too Busy to Meditate?

In our busy lives, it’s easy to believe that we have too much to do to meditate.  Maybe we consider it a luxury, when we have some down time.  However, meditation is a necessity!  Your mind, body and spirit need a break to refresh and refocus to stay in optimum health.

I’m a recovering workaholic and I know the dangers of go, go, go!  God had to literally lay me on my back for a season for me to learn to reorient my life after God’s plan and not my own.  We feel inundated with our schedules and the pressure to get things done.  However, God said to seek Him first and then everything else would be provided (Matthew 6:33).

Through guided Christian meditation, we can take that time out to just spend in God’s presence and let Him refresh our spirit, soul and body.  Instead of adding it to the bottom of your never ending to-do list, consider putting it as your first priority of the day.  It will take a mindset shift, but it’s worth it!

Committing to a set time of Christian meditation every day:

  • Puts your daily activities into perspective
  • Develops discipline and focus
  • Gives time for you to reflect on God’s goodness and to express gratitude
  • Starts your day off on the “right foot”
  • Refreshes and de-stresses your body

Any new change requires a commitment.  Make a choice to follow God’s best plan for your day by starting it with Him through meditation.  Ask for His help to keep that commitment.  Setting aside a specific time each day for your “God time” will help you be more consistent.  As you develop the habit, you’ll be amazed at the healthy changes in your life as well as your walk with God.  Start today!

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